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When it comes to characters with an accent or dialect, do you usually just wing it. . . or even pass up the opportunity? What if you were able to identify a few key elements that would unlock your ability to reliably learn a wide variety of accents?

In this workshop, we will break down the technique of learning an accent or dialect. You will learn how to research an accent, focusing on one accent in particular, and develop a set of tools to apply to any accent or dialect as you learn. You will also have the opportunity to observe the other students work on many different accents. You’ll get to experience how accent and dialect work adds to the specificity of character and scene work as you use your new accent with text.

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop an essential skill that you will use over and over again as an actor. Don’t miss out!

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Los Angeles City College


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Another great group of students!!

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"I’m delighted to have a special guest on the podcast! Tessa Auberjonois is a dear friend, a professional voice-over artist, an actress and an accent coach. You may know her if you have taken my online courses, since she delivers an INCREDIBLE vocal warm-up that I can’t help but share every chance I get. In short, she’s awesome.

We hunkered down in my trailer a few weeks ago and chatted about the delicate work of eliminating your accent (or perhaps reducing it a touch!). So many people have asked me this question in the past and I must admit, it’s not my area of expertise. I adore accents, however I can certainly sympathize if someone has a hard time being understood, or feels that their accent may be getting in the way of communicating effectively – especially at work.

It’s fascinating to discover how subtle vocal production really is… We explore accents from around the globe, so at the very least, we’ll amuse you!

                                                                         -Alexa Fischer, Owner, 1000 Watt Presence